"You know, I couldn't even manage a goddamned sunset without a little competition from the Firebird Motel sign. Which, relatively speaking, was bigger to begin with and stayed lit one hell of a lot longer."
  • Article on traditional tebori tattoo artist Horimyo here. His official website is here

  • Stills from Tekkonkinkreet, sans spoilers. Wish I had the Blu-ray version…those would be some amazing stills! Beautiful film. 

  • Oh hey, wow. You know how you’re not looking for something and then there it is anyway?

  • Tampopo desu! Field of dandelions and a few sheep who probably can’t believe their luck…assuming 1) sheep think that way and 2) that they eat dandelions.

    image c/o Red Island Goat Farm, PEI
    (I now want to visit Prince Edward Island)