"You know, I couldn't even manage a goddamned sunset without a little competition from the Firebird Motel sign. Which, relatively speaking, was bigger to begin with and stayed lit one hell of a lot longer."
  • Stills from Tekkonkinkreet, sans spoilers. Wish I had the Blu-ray version…those would be some amazing stills! Beautiful film. 

  • A friend pointed these performers out to me yesterday. So now I’m pointing them out to you. Sonodaband’s “Take Me To The Carnival”. A group of young men from the University of Tokyo - apparently they played SXSW last year.

  • The photos of William Gedney. Including this one young Kentuckian tough. Care of Selvedge Yard and http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/gedney/

    Early gay pride march photos, Stonewall anniversary, India, Paris, O’Rourke’s Bar…the man got around.
  • Jacques Brel. Such an amazing performer. Tears your heart out, and then leaves it gently beside you with a kiss as he leaves.