"You know, I couldn't even manage a goddamned sunset without a little competition from the Firebird Motel sign. Which, relatively speaking, was bigger to begin with and stayed lit one hell of a lot longer."
  • Unlucky Monkey, by SABU, starring Shin’ichi Tsutsumi with an appearance from one of my favorites, Susumu Terajima.

  • Still from Natsume’s Book of Friends, during the episode where the yokai all get drunk on sake and play shadow tag. Such a charming show.

  • Yuen Biao, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in Dragons Forever. Corey Yuen helped direct and this also features Yuen Wah - so many of the Seven Little Fortunes in one film.

  • Yay, Comic Con! I will miss you. Until next year… *waves*

  • Thursday and Friday at Comic Con.

  • Comic Con favorites so far today.

  • First Love: Litter on the Breeze, directed by Eric Kot, produced by Wong Kar Wai via Jet Tone. 1998. Utterly adorable.

  • Johnnie To’s The Mission. 1999. I especially enjoy the great restraint despite the many, many guns.